Sexuality Studies Minor Program


Rita Melendez and A. Ikaika Gleisberg

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The minor in Sexuality Studies provides students with knowledge about human sexuality including basic knowledge about sexual behavior, human reproduction, intimate relationships, sexuality and evolution, sexual attraction, arousal and response, sexual dysfunction, sexually-transmitted infections and diseases, contraception and safer sexual practices, sexual and gender orientations, sexual and intimate partner violence, as well as sexuality across the life course. The minor also provides students with an interdisciplinary approach  enabling students to appreciate the importance of biological, cultural, ecological, economic, historical, psychological, and sociological contexts for understanding human sexuality. Students can use the minor in Sexuality Studies to complement their majors. The program provides an opportunity to gain basic knowledge; develop an awareness of attitudes; and to acquire skills for counseling, teaching, and conducting research. The minor is unique because there are few others like it in the U.S., but also because it takes a multi-disciplinary perspective on human sexuality. With proper advising it is possible to use these courses to fulfill some undergraduate major, minor, and General Education requirements.


These forms was created to help our minor students in planning their enrollment in classes. The listed semesters for the class offerings are based on our class schedule in recent years.

  • Sexuality Studies Minor Form: [Effective Spring 2015]  Courses CANNOT be double counted to fulfil more than ONE requirement within the Sexuality Studies minor.  Courses can be double counted to fulfill requirements in your Major, in General Education and for a Second Minor.
  • Declare Minor Form: Fill out form and bring to department office in HSS 370 for undergraduate advisor approval.
  • Minor Substitution Form: Please print form, fill out and take with you when meeting with the advisor when substituting your required classes for the minor.

The Sexuality Studies minor consists of 18-20 units of undergraduate study.  Students can double-count courses they take for General Education (both lower and upper division) as a part of completing the Sexuality Studies minor. Additionally, students cannot take courses for the minor as CR/NC. All coursework used to satisfy the requirements of the minor must be completed for a letter grade and with a minimum grade point average of 2.0.

Degree Requirements

For current Sexuality Studies degree requirements, please see the SF State Bulletin.

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