Cameron Michels

Research Pathway, Class of 2016


Undergraduate Institution: Whitman College in Walla Walla Washington – BA in Sociology


Tell us about yourself and what you are currently doing:

Since graduating from the Sexuality Studies MA program, I have been lucky to work on a number of research projects that have aligned with my interests in broadening understandings of social inequalities surrounding race, gender, sexuality, and class.


How has your M.A. in Sexuality Studies helped get you to be where you are today?

I have been able to apply skills from the program- qualitative methods training as an interviewer and quantitative methods training as a data manager. I currently work as a research manager at the Center for Research and Education on Gender and Sexuality (CREGS) where I help run a study on gay men’s relationships and health. Working closely with talented and thoughtful people is one of my favorite things about being part of a research team.


What advice would you give to someone interested in your profession?

My advice to current students would be to use your time in the program to see what interests you in the vast field of sexuality studies. Use the classroom time to connect with ideas and also with professors and your fellow students. Showing people that you are curious and hardworking in the classroom could lead to opportunities down the road. I would also encourage folks to tailor the program to themselves as much as possible- take a class in another department, write your thesis on something you are completely excited about (even if it seems a little ridiculous) - it’s what you make of it!