In Memoriam: Ann Auleb

In Memoriam: Ann Auleb

Friday, September 28, 2018

In Memoriam

Ann W. Auleb, MA

Lecturer Emerita of Biology and Sexuality Studies




The sexuality studies community at San Francisco State is extremely saddened by the passing of Ann Auleb. Originally a nurse and later a recipient of a master’s of arts degree with a special major in Human Sexuality Studies from SF State, Ann was a lecturer in the biology and sexuality studies departments from 1984 until 2006.  She taught a few different sexuality studies courses, such as Biology 327 (AIDS: Biology of the Modern Epidemic), Biology 322 (Human Sexuality: Integrated Science), and Biology 330 (Human Sexuality). She was perhaps best known for teaching Biology 330, Human Sexuality, which she taught consistently throughout her teaching career at SF State. She taught this course in McKenna Theatre and it filled to capacity – of about 700 students – each semester. Ann firmly believed that all students should be afforded a well-rounded sexuality education. “Bio 330,” as it was known on campus, provided just that.  She worked tirelessly to shape the course to include biological and socio-cultural foundations of sexuality and she did an exemplary job of being innovative in the classroom. A memorable assignment for thousands of students over the years was the latexhibition in which students were required to use their creativity to build objects out of latex and display their latex creations on campus each semester. This is just one example of how Ann not only taught sex positive values but also she was mindful of how to promote safer sex during the AIDS epidemic. She was extraordinarily fond of students and always had a huge following of undergraduate and graduate student teaching assistants with whom she worked. Ann’s warmth and kindness also drew countless students to her who needed her counsel about their own sexuality issues. She was always a first-rate teacher and colleague.

Outside of the classroom, Ann was heavily involved as the faculty advisor to the student organization named the Educational Referral on Sexuality (EROS). Also, she was a founding member of the AIDS Coordinating Committee at SF State and participated in the programming of the World’s AIDS Day on campus for many years. She also served as a sexual harassment advisor to help carry out SF State’s sexual harassment policy and procedures. She not only founded the BIO 322 and 327 courses, but also she was the chief architect of AIDS: The Modern Epidemic General Education Cluster. She served on the Sexuality Studies Executive Committee during the late 1990s. Adding to her varied and eclectic contributions to the sexuality studies field, she produced some educational films such as:  Susan: In Conversation with Ann Auleb (1988), Masturbation: 5 Women (1987), and Natalie: One Woman’s Sexual Journey: The First Sixty Years (1987).

Ann not only contributed deeply to the student experience, but also she contributed much as a teacher, colleague, and friend.  She was enormously committed to her work as a sexuality educator and to San Francisco State in general.  Her contributions, commitment, kindness, generosity, and warmth will never be forgotten.