Members of Beyond Bullying Project meet with collaborators from Mexico

Members of Beyond Bullying Project meet with collaborators from Mexico

Monday, July 10, 2017

In April, Mexican psychologists Ignacio Lozano-Verduzco and Izcoatl Xelhuantzi visited SF State to meet with faculty and student members of the Beyond Bullying Project.

Jessica Fields, Izcoatl Xelhuantzi and Ignacio Lozano-VerduzcoWith funding from the Ford Foundation, Beyond Bullying uses community-based storytelling to understand and interrupt the ordinary hostility in high schools to LGBTQ sexuality and lives. Lead investigators include Jessica Fields and Laura Mamo (SF State), Jen Gilbert (York University) and Nancy Lesko (Columbia University).

This fall, Lozano-Verduzco and Xelhuantzi will launch a Beyond Bullying Project of their own in Mexico City high schools. The Canadian, Mexican and U.S. scholars have already submitted one funding proposal and co-authored one article (both under review) about their international collaboration. The visit with Lozano-Verduzco and Xelhuantzi was a chance to think more about study design, explore ethical considerations across institutional and national contexts, and build relationships.

Beyond Bullying Project meeting

Especially exciting was the chance for Sexuality Studies and Sociology students to meet with the Mexican psychologists to discuss intersections between Mexican, Latinx and Chicana/Chicano communities and to explore opportunities for graduate study in Mexico City. Student interns (Jessa Delos Reyes, Bianca Gamboa, Joanie Minion and Michelle Parra) took special responsibility for preparing a discussion of the visitors’ research on stigma, learning exclusion, and vulnerability among gay men (Lozano-Verduzco) and children living in Mexico’s street culture (Xelhuantzi).

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Top photo: Jessica Fields, Izcoatl Xelhuantzi and Ignacio Lozano-Verduzco
Lower photo: Beyond Bullying Project meeting