Choose an Advisor

Upon your admission to the program, the graduate studies committee will appoint a temporary faculty graduate advisor for all new students. Please note, however, that students are free to choose any member of the core faculty for advising. We hope students will develop relationships with several faculty members. Due to changing faculty workloads and research interests, some faculty members may not be available to serve as thesis advisors, so please remain flexible.

Make an appointment to meet with your prospective advisor early during your first semester. Advisors play a central role in the professional life of graduate candidates. They often provide information about research and teaching internships, scholarship information, opportunities to participate in professional meetings, career advising, and research and writing mentorship.

Once a student identifies a thesis advisor, it is expected, but not automatically guaranteed, that this faculty member will serve as the “primary reader” for the student’s “culminating experience.” The “culminating experience” will most often be a written thesis, understood to be an original contribution to knowledge or an original review of the research literature or a relevant body of existing data, particularly given the program’s emphasis on sexuality research. University and program regulations require that the chair of the “culminating experience” must be a tenure or tenure-track faculty member in the human sexuality studies program (See List Below). The “second reader” or committee member must also be a tenure or tenure-track faculty member, although the student may choose a faculty member from other departments in consultation with his or her advisor. Other faculty members, including lecturers and adjunct faculty members may serve as “third readers” upon the consent of the advisor. The graduate advisor can help to shape a thesis committee suited to the student’s needs.

Note: As a rule, faculty advisors are not available to work during the summer. Be sure to make arrangements before the end of the Spring Semester.