Undergraduate Programs

Our minor programs and General Education courses provide students with multidisciplinary perspectives on human sexuality. These include such wide-ranging areas as the biology of sexuality; sexual health education; the history of sexuality; social justice movements for sexual and gender minorities; sexuality in the arts and literature; and cross-cultural explorations of sexuality. In all of our teaching and research, we aspire to create inclusion and endeavor to challenge our students and expect excellence from them.

LGBT Studies Minor Program

The Minor in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Studies delineates and analyzes meanings that have been associated with varying sexual and gender orientations in various artistic, biological, cultural, educational, ethical, historical and literary contexts, and examine the related issues of mixed-gender and cross-gender roles and practices.

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Sexuality Studies Minor Program

The Minor in Sexuality Studies provides students with knowledge about human sexuality including basic knowledge about sexual behavior, human reproduction, intimate relationships, sexuality and evolution, sexual attraction, arousal and response, sexual dysfunction, sexually-transmitted infections and diseases, contraception and safer sexual practices, sexual and gender orientations, and sexual and intimate partner violence, as well as sexuality across the life course.

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Graduate Program

The Master of Arts program in Sexuality Studies provides an integrative and comprehensive graduate degree for student interested in studying and working with issues related to human sexuality, sexuality education, research and social policy. It offers an interdisciplinary curriculum in study of sexuality with particular emphasis on theory, research and application.

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