Minor in Sexuality Studies


The Minor in Sexuality Studies provides students with knowledge about the processes and variations in sexual functions and reproduction; intimate relationships; sexual and gender role development and behavior; and the social, cultural, historical, and moral contexts of sex and love. This interdisciplinary field relies primarily on faculty from the Colleges of Health & Social Sciences, and Liberal & Creative Arts , who serve as advisers to students seeking information or assistance in making curricular choices. Students can use the Minor in Human Sexuality Studies to complement their majors. The program provides an opportunity to gain basic knowledge; develop an awareness of attitudes; and to acquire skills for counseling, teaching, and conducting research. The minor is unique because there are few others like it in the US, but also because it takes a multi-disciplinary perspective on human sexuality. The minor consists of 18 to 20 units of undergraduate study. With proper advising it is possible to use these courses to fulfill some undergraduate major, minor, and General Education requirements. Written declaration of the pursuit of the minor is not necessary prior to enrollment in any of its required or elective courses. Both minors are broadly interdisciplinary. It draws courses from anthropology, biology, cinema, english, history, sexuality studies, psychology, sociology, communication studies, women & gender studies and other courses which may be substituted if approved by your advisor.


These forms was created to help our minor students in planning their enrollment in classes. The listed semesters for the class offerings are based on our class schedule in recent years.

  • New Minor Planning Form: [Effective Spring 2015]  Courses CANNOT be double counted to fulfil more than ONE requirement within the Sexuality Studies Minor.  Courses can be double counted to fulfill requirements in your Major, in General Education and for a Second Minor.
  • Declare Minor Form: Fill out form and bring to department office in HSS 370 for undergraduate advisor approval.
  • Minor Substition Form: Please print form, fill out and take with you when meeting with undergraduate advisor (advisor:Rita Melendez and Christopher Carrington) when substituting your required clasess for the minor.


Total Number of Units for Minor: 18-20


Students should try to complete SXS 110/ SOC 110 or SXS 300 before taking any further courses in the minor. (These courses may, however, be taken concurrently.)

Introductory Courses

Course Number Course Description Units
SXS/SOC 110 Sexuality & Society 3
SXS 300 Introduction to Human Sexuality  3

Core Courses

Students are required to complete requirements in each of the three areas listed below.

Biological and Health Aspects of Sexuality

1 course from the following

Course Number Course Description Units
BIO 322 Human Sexuality: Integrative Science 3
BIO 327 AIDS: Biology of the Modern Epidemic 3
BIO 330 Biology of Human Sexuality 3
HED 303 Health Disparities and Sexual & Gender Minority Communities 3
SXS 601 Sexuality, Ethnicity & Health 3

Social Scientific Aspects of Human Sexuality

1 course from the following

Course Number Course Description Units
COMM 525 Sexual Identity & Communication 4
PLSI 381 Political Theories of Sexuality 4
PSY/SXS 320 Sex and Relationships 3
PSY/SXS 436 The Development of Maleness and Femaleness 4
PSY/SXS 456 The Psychology of Human Sexual Behavior 3
SXS/SOC 400 / PSY 450 Variations in Human Sexuality 3
SXS 421 Homophobia & Coming Out 3
SXS 455 Sex, Power & Politics 3
SXS 678 Disability & Sexuality 3

Cultural, Ethnic, Racial and Sexual Diversity & Sexuality

1 course from the following

Course Number Course Description Units
AAS 584 Asian American Sexualities 3
AIS/SXS/WGS 440 Native Sexualities and Queer Discourse 3
ANTH 415/ SXS 438 Culture & Sex in East Asia 3
ANTH 659/ SXS 567 Cross-cultural Aspects of Sex and Gender 3
LTNS/WGS 505 Gender, Sexuality, and Latino Communities 3
RRS 375 Queer Arabs in the U.S. 3
RRS 380 Coloring Queer: Imaging Communities 3
SXS/SOC 400/ PSY 450 Variations in Human Sexuality 3
SXS 458 Introduction to Transgender Studies 3
SXS 667/ SOC 467 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Queer Cultures & Society 4
WGS 552 Transgender Identities and Communities 3

Arts and Humanistic Aspects of Human Sexuality

1 course from the following

Course Number Course Description Units
ART 403/ SXS 405 Queer Art History 3
CIN/SXS 332 Representation & Narration of Sexuality in Cinema 3
CIN 541 Race, Sex & Identity 3
CLAS/SXS 530 Gender and Sexuality in Ancient Greece and Rome 3
ENG 633 Gay Love and Literature 3
HIST 313 Comparative History of Love and Sexuality 3
SXS 314 Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual History 3
HUM 390 Images of Eroticism 3
PHIL/SXS 369 Philosophical Issues in Sexuality 3
PHIL 445/ SXS 469 Sex and Morality 3
PHIL 455/ SXS 569 Sex and the Law 3
WGS/SXS 551 Queer Literatures and Media 3
WGS 611 Theories of Female Sexuality 3


1 course from the following

Course Number Course Description  Units
SXS 680 Colloquium in Human Sexuality 3

Total Number of Units for Minor: 18-20