Sexuality Studies Career Outlook

The career outlook for undergraduates and graduates with specialized knowledge of human sexuality has never been better in our society, due to the changing positive attitudes regarding the role of sexuality in the universities and colleges, high schools, local and national government, research and training, clinical and mental health training, and private sector positions that call for expertise of human reproduction, sexuality, sexual identity and diversity, sexual orientation, gender, and human resources.

The MA in Human Sexuality Studies prepares students for the following next career steps: 

  • Ph.D programs and professional schools in, for example, psychology, sociology, anthropology, history, medicine, social work, and communication studies; 
  • Public health workers in HIV/AIDS education, treatment, and care centers; . 
  • Reproductive health education, research, training, and prevention; 
  • Sexuality education at regional community colleges and in local school boards;
  • Work in policy or research public policy institutes; 
  • Service provision in, for example, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and others; 
  • Education and training for service providers and human resource providers. 
  • Research, policy, and education providers.