Jim Brogan Teaching Scholarship

This scholarship is established in the name of Dr. James Brogan, Professor of English at SFSU. He is a distinguished teacher with an exemplary writing career in support of human sexuality studies. Notably, Jim Brogan taught the first course on homosexuality at the university in the late l960s. Throughout his career, Jim has worked with students, encouraged their writing and professional development, and is a great friend to the Human Sexuality Studies Program. This scholarship will be awarded to the eligible graduate student in the Human Sexuality Studies Master of Arts Program who is selected as the best teaching assistant. The scholarship will be awarded during the spring semester.



You must be currently enrolled as a graduate student at SFSU in the Master of Arts Program in Sexuality Studies with a minimum GPA of 3.0. You have been (or are currently) a teaching assistant in a Sexuality Studies class at SFSU. You must also be a continuing student the following fall semester enrolled in at least 6 units.   Please note that it is the responsibility of the applicant to determine the impact of this award on their financial aid and taxable income status.


For inquiries email sxsdept@sfsu.edu


Current Awardee

2017-2018 Siri Nybakk

Past Awardees

2016-2017 Michelle Parra

2014-2015 Vickie Phan

2013-2014 Clarissa Herman

2012-2013 Arlene Jane Tinga

2011-2012 Ruth Kuntzman and Andrew Cesarz

2010-2011 Robin Darling

2009-2010 Jessica Fischer

2008-2009 Stephanie Hubbard

2007-2008 Nordmarken

2006-2007 Truesdell